Saturday, July 14, 2012

Anatomy resources for self-study

Here I want to share with you some stuff which I use to study human anatomy ) I also would like to clean the mess in my resources and categorize it, so I could go back to this post in future and add more usefull information.
Don't forget to use knowlege from these books and lessons  in  drawing and painting people from life. This way you will transform 2D schemes of muscles into 3D understanding of human body.
Good luck!


1. George B. Bridgman - "Constructive anatomy"

2. Michael Hampton- "Figure drawing - design and invention"

I highly recommend this book, it really helps to understand construction and to make a quick start in drawing gestures.

3. Burne Hogarth- "Drawing dynamic hands"

4. Andrew Loomis - "Figure Drawing for All It's Worth"

This one is good for very beginners only.

5. Gottfried Bammes - "Menschen zeichnen"

6. ImagineFX - "How to Draw and Paint Anatomy"







1. Glenn Vilppu - "Drawing Anatomy Lecture Series"

Anatomy photo-references:

Lightning angles, turnarouds:

Interactive lighting models 
-nice turnarounds)

Useful links: - great resource with tons of tips and references with comfortable interface 
Character desighs

Also check my article How to draw gestures

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